Pricilla Alexander was a leader in the sex worker rights movement who helped Margo St. James establish COYOTE and the St. James Infirmary among other important endeavors for the movement. Pricilla’s archive has been established
at Harvard’s Schlesinger Library.

Old Pros is a non-profit media organization creating conditions to change the status of sex workers in society. We believe that changing minds is critical for driving the cultural and legislative breakthroughs required to secure human rights and opportunities for sex workers. Media, art, and storytelling are powerful levers for shifting beliefs and breaking down taboos.

We have been entrusted by Pricilla’s family to help navigate her estate to preserve her history on The Oldest Profession Podcast, our websites, and across social media. We are helping to facilitate further contributions to Schlesinger of her correspondence, personal papers, and photographs at this time.

As well, we have been gifted Pricilla’s art to appropriately preserve and distribute in the community and to important art collections.

Please reach out to if you’re interested in acquiring one of these pieces.