Old Pros is a non-profit media organization creating conditions to change the status of sex workers in society.

We aspire to live in a healthy, free society where everyone has access to rights and opportunities to determine their own future.

At Old Pros, we seek the destigmatization of sex work, where it is not illegal or shameful for consenting adults to exchange erotic services for money or other resources.

We envision a society where sex workers are free to contribute their experience and wisdom to their communities.

We seek the decriminalization of sex work, where individuals are not arrested and cannot be evicted, fired, or lose custody of their children because of their participation in sex work.

All people, whether they have ever participated in sex work or not, should have access to services and support to avoid exploitation, stay safe, and make choices about their own lives.

Sex workers have a right to unencumbered access to the building blocks we all need to move our lives forward. This includes access to banking and investment services, healthcare, education, legal assistance, relevant government programs, and technology platforms.


Changing minds is critical for driving the cultural and legislative breakthroughs required to secure human rights and opportunities for sex workers. Media, art and storytelling are powerful levers for shifting beliefs and breaking down taboos. Old Pros produces persuasive content and compelling events. We bring people together and we change people’s minds.

Kaytlin Bailey

Founder & Executive Director

Host of The Oldest Profession Podcast

Kaytlin Bailey is the Founder & Executive Director of Old Pros, a non profit media organization creating the conditions to change the status of sex workers in society.
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Kaytlin Bailey came out as a sex worker in 2015 with her critically acclaimed one woman show, Cuntagious, which enjoyed sold out performances and an extended run in multiple NYC theater festivals. Her second one woman show, Whore’s Eye View, is in development.

After starting The Oldest Profession Podcast in 2017, Kaytlin Bailey accepted a position in 2018 as the founding Director of Communications for a national advocacy organization fighting to decriminalize sex work. After two years working with state legislators all over the country, it became clear that we are not going to get good laws on this issue until we invest in culture change.

In 2020, Kaytlin Bailey founded Old Pros where she works with a team creating persuasive content to identify and activate supporters.

Leah Moon

Executive Producer

With a background in documentary filmmaking, design, website development, and online business training, Leah brings respect for and knowledge of mental health, diverse wisdom traditions, and leading edge technology to create unique solutions for each collaboration she undertakes.

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Leah Moon studied at Rhode Island School of Design and is a graduate of Smith College with a dual degree in the Study of Women and Gender and Studio Art with a concentration in Electronic Media. In addition to being a Reiki Master Teacher, Leah is also trained as an herbalist, Medicine Caller, and is an award winning photographer.

Leah Moon is an artist and healer who has fully embraced the Internet. She designs and produces branding, online spaces, and business support plans for changemakers. She shares tools for personal growth and how to manage self care through success in her free monthly email and also on Instagram @withleahmoon.

Conner McDaniel

Old Pros Support

After a short period in the Pacific Northwest, Conner returned to her roots in Middle Tennessee to pursue a Master of Social Work degree. She is completing her internship with the Sex Workers Project Behind Bars and is on track to graduate in August 2024.
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Passionate about feminist principles, Conner also has a keen interest in history and is a podcast enthusiast, making her a natural fit for the Oldest Profession Podcast. Through her academic journey, Conner aims to elevate sex work advocacy in Middle Tennessee and its surrounding areas. Outside of her professional pursuits, she cherishes quality time with her family and her beloved elderly dog, Gus (affectionately known as GusTina/Tina). Conner also enjoys discovering new music and exploring hidden gems off the beaten path in her free time

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