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The Oldest Profession Podcast reminds listeners that sex workers have always been part of the story. Each episode focuses on an “old pro” from history, contextualizing that figure in their own time and connecting their story to the ongoing struggle for sex worker rights.

Your host, Kaytlin Bailey, is a nationally touring stand up comic, notorious old pro, and sex worker rights advocate. She’s partnered with the whole team at Old Pros to create an accessible and entertaining resource for anyone who wants to learn more about sex workers and our place in history.

Season 5 of The Oldest Profession Podcast is focused on historical old pros, the origins of bad legislation that is wreaking havoc on our lives today, and resource guides to help our audience become even better allies in the movement for sex worker rights.

Season 4 of The Oldest Profession Podcast is focused on historical figures, mostly from the 19th century, in regions where sex workers are currently organizing against criminalization. Each episode has an annotated bibliography and accompanying essay written by Dr. Charlene Fletcher.

Season 3 of The Oldest Profession Podcast was dedicated largely to building our growing network of sex worker advocates across the country through interviews, panel discussions, and the Celebration of Life for Margo St. James. As well, narrative podcast episodes told the stories of Lilith, Victoria Woodhull, Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and the stories of five of Jack the Ripper’s Victims: Polly, Annie, Elisabeth, Kate, and Mary Jane.

Season 2 of The Oldest Profession Podcast was a collaboration between host, Kaytlin Bailey, and Producer & Audio Engineer, Justine McLellan, who brought an academic background and interest in culture change work to create a new tone for the show. Listeners can expect a thoroughly researched conversational monologue organized around a different old pro from history in each episode.

Season 1 of The Oldest Profession Podcast was created in 2017 by stand-up comic, Kaytlin Bailey. The ethos of stand up comedy culture at that time in New York City was fearless antagonism and irreverence. Culture, and Kaytlin, have both changed. Co-hosted by Wendi Starling, listeners can expect a lot of oversharing, irreverent commentary, and funny jokes from two working comics who spent more time on partying than they did on researching old pros.