Old Pros create the conditions to change the status of sex workers in society through the power of proximity in storytelling, media, and networks.

We seek the destigmatization of sex work, where it is not illegal or shameful for consenting adults to exchange erotic services for money or other resources.

We envision a society where sex workers are free to contribute experience and wisdom to their communities. Sex workers have much to contribute to conversations about entrenched social issues such as mental health, poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, and racial and gendered discrimination and violence.

We seek the decrimalization of sex work, where individuals participating in sex work are not arrested and cannot be evicted, fired, or lose custody of their children because of their participation in sex work.

All people, whether they have ever participated in sex work or not, should have access to services and support to avoid exploitation, stay safe, and make choices about their own lives. Sex workers have a right to unencumbered access to the building blocks we all need to move our lives forward. This includes banking and investment, healthcare, education, legal assistance, relevant government services, and technology platforms.


We aspire to live in a healthy, free society where everyone has the rights, opportunities, and freedom to determine their own future.