Zoe Colmenares
Zoe Colmenares

Zoe Colmenares | San Francisco Art Contest Winner

My name is Zoe Colmenares and I’m an entertainer/artist who is based out of New Orleans. I’ve been creating since a young age but picked it up seriously in 2011 when I first started taking art classes.

I use social media to share my work and to collaborate with other local artists and sex workers. The goal is to open my own art studio one day and offer classes to the community. I’m excited to share my work through this platform and support sex workers rights!

For more info about me and my art, I can be contacted through Instagram and Facebook @zeauxbyzoe or my website: Zeaux By Zoe | Zeauxbyzoe

Zoe’s artwork The Culprit was selected for the #OldProProject San Francisco Art Contest.



Artist Statement: Submitting to the OldPro Project art contest allowed me to integrate my identities as an artist and a sex worker, which I hadnt done before. As someone who has experience in the industry, I have first hand knowledge on the stigmas that surround it.

I feel almost vulnerable publicly announcing my occupation but it’s necessary to my fight towards sex workers rights. This piece shows the extremes that other marginalized sex workers had to go through in order to do their jobs and live their lives.

Sex work is real work and deserves to be respected without the violence and lack of rights it invokes.