#OldProProject & Why January 25th Matters

January 25th

On January 25th, 1917, 300 sex workers in San Francisco marched to protest the imminent closure of their brothels. #OldProProject is an annual event that builds towards this anniversary, and this episodes takes a deep dive on its history and significance.

These episodes of The Oldest Profession Podcast showcase interviews with participants from the first cohort of #OldProProject participants.

Visit oldproproject.com to learn more.

Sex workers are everywhere and we have always been part of the story. The #OldProProject seeks to elevate sex worker history through art, and to strengthen community networks by funding and supporting collaborative projects. Our goal is to change the stories that are told about sex workers. We believe that by reclaiming our place in history, we can claim our human rights for generations past, present, and future.

#OldProProject participants will debut their art on January 25th each year, supported by our team at Old Pros. Past participants include:

Been Around (Since the Old Days) music video inspired by Madam Lou Graham

Before Stonewall, There Was Compton’s documentary on the Compton’s Cafeteria Uprisings

But I Am Here anthology commemorating many lives, including Marsha P. Johnson & Sylvia Rivera

“It’s important to remember that we’re part of a multigenerational struggle, and that sex workers have been resisting their criminalization since the beginning,” explains Savannah Sly, National Coordinator of the #OldProProject.

Dr. Charlene Fletcher PhD, historian for the #OldProProject says, “This history is for everyone. These stories belong to all of us and they should be celebrated.”