Valerie Solanas

Valerie Solonas

Best known for attempting to shoot Andy Warhol, Valerie Solanas’ SCUM manifesto became a rallying cry for a generation of feminist thinkers. Valerie was a vagrant working as a panhandler, full service sex worker and provocateur. From this position of presumed powerlessness, Solonas saw through the thin veil of civility in society and called bullshit on patriarchal power. An old pro with nothing to lose and no fucks to give.

Ceyenne Doroshow joins host Kaytlin Bailey in this week’s episode about addiction, desperation, and radical feminism. After deconstructing their attraction to people with substance use disorders, both women take a deep dive into the life and work of an unrepentant hustler, author and attempted murderer Valerie Solanas.