Ugly Mugs Netherlands – Protects Sex Workers from Dangerous Clients

May 6, 2022

To find alternatives to Report John, we have to look to our global movement. In April 2022, Soa Aids Nederland and Proud (the Dutch union for sex workers) launched an online program called Ugly Mugs Netherlands. Using their free website, sex workers can anonymously check whether their customers to see if they’ve been aggressive with or was a no-showed on a colleague, and report violence they have experienced. They can even get a warning alert if a dangerous customer has been reported near their area. The website is also a hub for local resources and support for working safely. 

Prostitution was legalized by the Dutch government in 2000. With Amsterdam’s red light district De Wallen being one of the most famous in the world, attracting international tourists year round, it’s incredibly important for Dutch workers to have resources they’ve created and maintained in order to keep one another safe. Ugly Mugs Netherlands is based on a similar UK charity program, whose website states, “Sex workers are celebrated as experts at National Ugly Mugs.” Now that’s what we like to hear!

Excerpted From: Taxation Without Representation – with Tamika Spellman / Old Pro News

Learn More: Ugly Mugs Netherlands provides a free-platform for sex workers to anonymously warn each other about dangerous and aggressive customers, check their new customers before a meeting, and receive notifications if a dangerous customer is in the region. They can also find help filing a report with the police, NOS reports.

Soa Aids Nederland provides support and information to the public and professionals so that we can reduce the number of HIV infections and other STIs in the Netherlands.

PROUD – Amsterdam consists out of a group of (ex) sex workers who are supported by an advisory committee which consists out of scientists, academics and (human rights) activists. All members of PROUD feel a strong urge to fight for more rights, better working conditions and a more positive image of sex work.

Background: Sex Workers Warn Each Other of Aggressive Clients On New Platform / NL Times