Storyboard | Seattle

Stepping out of our comfort zone is part of the magic in the creative process. When taking on the Seattle City Coordinator position I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in, but I knew it was going to involve dance and movement. I also knew I wanted to include some of the amazing burlesque and drag performers I have met over the past few years. Many of us are pros ourselves or avid allies.

When the FOSTA-SESTA act took effect many of my burlesque and drag friends were immediately affected and the burlesque community was impacted in a way that we didn’t expect. Burlesque under FOSTA-SESTA and the tightening of user agreements on social media platforms saw profiles and events across Facebook deleted, banned, or buried. Many of us started to receive 24 hour bans and longer for images posted to our profiles from months or years in the past. Facebook Jail became a part of our lives, with many of us creating backup profiles so we could continue to use Facebook to promote shows and stay connected to our community.

What we’re doing for #OldProProject in Seattle has two major components, both of which are outside of what I’ve done in the past; contracting a songwriter to create an original piece of music, and also directing a music video.

Adra Boo, who wrote and performed our anthem, is a Queen walking amongst us. She was able to take an hour and a half phone conversation we had about the mood, the sound, and the spirit of what I was thinking of for the anthem and run with it. Her voice is powerful and gives the listener everything we want from an anthem: to feel just as powerful and fired up as the signer.

Directing a music video was not on my bingo card for 2020, yet here we are. As a kiddo when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I used to say a director and screenwriter. To live out a childhood dream is equal parts terrifying and thrilling. Part of the process for me has been really sitting with what I want this music video to feel like. I am fortunate enough to know some incredible creators across different art mediums including videography and editing.

With inspiration from the city of Seattle, our old pro Madame Lou Graham, music videos that live rent free in my head, and the new song itself, I was able to put together a storyboard. This was my first time storyboarding for a project and I’m so glad I did it. On top of making filming easier, it was comforting to literally put pen to paper and map it all out.

The team for this project is phenomenal. Creating the storyboard helps to ensure that they feel secure in the art we’re going to be creating together. We’ve got a plan. I can’t wait to start filming and give you all a few behind the scene treats throughout the process.

<3 Pucks