Stormy Daniels is A National Treasure

Apr 7, 2023

As you may know, former president Donald Trump was indicted last week. As you may also know, it was Stormy Daniels’ tenacious insistence on telling the American people about their affair that took him down! As most headlines will eagerly let you know, Stormy Daniels is a former p*rn star. Of course, we love that for her, but we don’t love how such headlines imply that this aspect of the news is what made the affair salacious. The emphasis on her profession implies that his crime is somehow worse and more scandalous simply because of his proximity to a *gasp* p*orn* star.

Trump’s crimes – paying hush money to her during his 2016 presidential run, being married at the time of their affair, laundering money, lots of fraud – should be what has us clutching our pearls.

Stormy Daniels is a successful performer, writer, director, published author and has been advocating for a more just world for decades. It’s clear that she is the hero of this story. And it makes sense that a SWer took down Trump, because SWers are famously badass. As we’ve been telling you!

So, let’s raise a glass to Stormy Daniels, an American hero…and SWer!

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Stormy Daniels is a self made woman and SWer who had the audacity to tell her own story. The uneventful s*x she had with Donald Trump might be the least interesting part of this incredible woman’s story. Learn more about the interesting parts from The Oldest Profession Podcast host Kaytlin Bailey by listening to the episode.