Sex Workers In Thailand Don’t Want to be Criminalized

Jan 6, 2023

Sex workers in Thailand are fighting for their basic rights and protection by calling for the full decriminalization (and in some cases, legalization) of all sex work. Despite the country’s thriving Red Light District, prostitution remains illegal, leaving sex workers vulnerable to violence and abuse. However, a movement is underway to change this.

Sex workers and advocates are pushing for a bill that would legalize sex work in Thailand, but they are likely to face opposition from the conservative government. Nonetheless, the movement is gaining traction, and sex workers are more vocal than ever about the need for their work to be decriminalized.

Decriminalization would provide sex workers with more protections and resources to keep them safe, such as the ability to report crimes without fear of arrest. It would also help to remove the stigma associated with sex work, empowering sex workers to access healthcare, education, and other basic rights that are often denied to them.

While the road to decriminalization in Thailand may be long and difficult, sex workers and advocates are continuing to work tirelessly to achieve this goal. They are educating the public about the importance of decriminalization and lobbying the government for change. They believe that decriminalization is the only way to protect sex workers and ensure their basic rights are upheld.

In a recent segment by PBS, sex workers and advocates in Thailand spoke out about their experiences and the urgent need for decriminalization. One sex worker shared her story of being arrested and having to pay a bribe to avoid jail time, despite never committing a crime. Another spoke about the importance of education and healthcare for sex workers and their families.

The movement in Thailand is just one example of the global fight for sex worker rights. Sex workers everywhere are demanding the same basic protections and rights that all individuals deserve. We must support their efforts and work together to ensure that sex workers are not criminalized or stigmatized.

Decriminalization of sex work is not just a matter of basic rights and protections, but also a matter of public health and safety. By decriminalizing sex work, we can reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections and empower sex workers to access the healthcare they need.

As we continue to support the movement for sex worker rights in Thailand and around the world, we must remember that sex workers are human beings who deserve the same dignity and respect as anyone else. We must work to ensure that their voices are heard and that they are not subjected to violence, abuse, or discrimination. Together, we can create a world where sex workers are free to live and work without fear of persecution.

Watch or read PBS’s segment here for direct quotes from sex workers and advocates in Thailand.