September 14 is Sex Worker Pride Day

Sep 8, 2023

Sex Worker Pride was first recognized in 2019 by NSWP, the Global Network of Sex Work Projects, to celebrate sex workers’ self-determination, diversity, and to show the achievements of sex worker-led organizations.

Sex Worker Pride extends to all communities marginalized by criminalization, discrimination, and stigma across the sex worker movement, including workers, clients, facilitators, friends, and family.

This year, se workers in the United States and all over the world have made progress getting the issue of decriminalization to be taken seriously by human rights groups, legislators, and allies. Sex workers in Thailand, Ireland, India, South Africa, Latin America and Europe have much to celebrate as they continue to fight against the criminalization of their work.

We are especially delighted to report that here in the United States, strippers in North Hollywood are returning to work after a year and half as the only operating unionized strip club in the country.

And, a coalition of sex worker rights groups joined the ACLU in filing a FTC Federal Trade Commission complaint against Mastercard for their discriminatory policies against SWers. There has been a proliferation of sex worker advocacy groups and we are increasingly being heard by powerful allies, legislators, and journalists.

There is much to celebrate, so grab a red umbrella and your crew and make some noise!