Sam Skrimpz

Sam Skrimpz | Mural Artist in New Orleans

I am a queer, non-binary, painter and muralist born and bred in Louisiana, currently living in New Orleans. I am endlessly inspired by the flora and fauna within landscapes and ecosystems, in particular that of my home state. It is translated within my developed style into playful, imagined realities that are brightly colored with complimentary palettes, shapes and patterns. I create these scenes in mural form, watercolor, and acrylic paintings.

In my work, I wish to open up dialog around land and animal conservation by bringing the viewers’ attention to their surrounding environments.

I also convey a sense of spirituality in my work, as I find myself as someone who tends to play with the fluidity of the globally understood language of symbolism, and I firmly believe in strengthening the consciousness that is shared between humans and the land, as it is very much under threat in our current reality.