Saira Barbaric

Saira Barbaric | Casting Coordinator in Seattle

Saira Barbaric is a surrealist slut monster, a homegrown sex witch and a nonstop creator. They/he/she/ze strives to blend genders and bend genres with their creations to enable his/their audience to envision a future where society is fluent in the languages of accessibility, sensuality and cultural appreciation. Saira plays with speculative fiction, erotica and collage aesthetics to forge new avenues of imagining marginalized people.

Since 2015, Saira’s porn and performances have shown over thirteen cities around the United States, two in Europe and three in Canada. Ze/she is currently a producer/performer for Mouthwater Dance, an emerging dance and media company as well as a co-founder of Scumtrust Productions, a nonbinary porn project.

“I’ve done a few kinds of sex work but most of all, I’m a pornographer who gets in front of and behind camera. I’m drawn to this project as a way an avenue of community art action. I’m @very.freaky on instagram and @sairabarbaric on twitter (NSFW)” — Saira Barbaric