Remembering Priscilla Alexander

Priscilla Alexander was a political activist, feminist, and a key member of the sex workers rights movement. She helped popularize the term “sex work” through her work with COYOTE and the World Health Organization.

Old Pros’ honors our elders and works to preserve their stories for the next generation. Although Priscilla was never a sex worker, her work made the sex worker rights movement possible. 

Priscilla recognized early that sex worker rights underlie foundational rights for women, LGBTQ+ folks, immigrants and marginalized communities everywhere. She gave her life to this work and opened the door for generations of advocates who continue to push for a more compassionate and just society.

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Remembering Priscilla, quotes from members of the movement she impacted

Sex Work is a landmark collection of writings by street prostitutes, exotic dancers, nude models, escorts, porn stars, and massage parlor workers. Since publication in 1987, Sex Work has generated much discussion and has changed the language we use to talk about sex for money.

Priscilla Alexander was the first person Margo St James hired at COYOTE. And When Carol Leigh coined the phrase sex work, it was Priscilla who pushed the United Nations and the World Health Organization to adopt the term, fundamentally shifting the conversation to center the human rights and dignity of sex workers. 

Priscilla Alexander’s papers and more information about her personal life, career, and correspondence is available at the Schlesinger Library as part of their collection about Margo St. James and COYOTE.

Old Pros has been gifted Priscilla Alexander’s art to appropriately preserve and distribute in the community and to important art collections. As you review the art available, please consider a tax deductible contribution to Old Pros to help facilitate the memorial and archival work we are doing.

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