Pornhub’s New Owner Claims to Be All About Listening to SWers

Mar 24, 2023

Pornhub’s new owner has pledged to give performers a more significant voice in the conversation about how to improve the company’s practices and avoid discrimination against content creators. In recent years, Pornhub has been at the center of multiple controversies regarding its content and treatment of sex workers. However, Pornhub’s new owner, Ottawa-based private equity firm Ethical Capital Partners, there may be hope for positive change in the industry.

Solomon Friedman, a lawyer and partner with Ethical Capital Partners, explains “You cannot have this conversation if it’s one-sided. And this industry is too important. It is too important to the livelihood of many people.” Freedman recognizes that the industry is built on the backs of sex workers, and without them, there would be no Pornhub. Therefore, he believes it is crucial to listen to their concerns and suggestions about how to make the industry a safer and more ethical place for all involved.

One of the main issues that sex workers face on Pornhub is the lack of control over their content. Many performers report that their videos are uploaded to the site without their consent, and they are unable to have them removed. This lack of control over their content can lead to financial exploitation, as their videos may be viewed without their knowledge, and they may not receive payment for the views.

To address this issue, Freedman has promised to implement a system that allows performers to control the content they upload and have the ability to take it down if they so choose. This would give sex workers more agency over their work, and help prevent exploitation and non-consensual content sharing.

Freedman’s commitment to improving the site’s practices and involving sex workers in the conversation is a step in the right direction for the adult industry. It is essential to recognize that sex work is real work, and those involved deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. By giving performers more control over their content and improving screening processes, Pornhub can become a safer and more ethical platform for all involved.

However, it is important to note that actions speak louder than words. While Freedman’s promises are encouraging, it remains to be seen how effective they will be in practice. It is up to the company to follow through on these commitments and actively work towards creating a more equitable and ethical platform for sex workers.