Online Sex Worker Denied Entry into the US Because of Her Occupation

Feb 24, 2023

Online sex worker denied entry into the US due to her occupation. Despite not engaging in any illegal activities, the fact that she sells virtual sex in the popular VRChat platform was enough to be deemed ineligible for entry into the country. This decision highlights the harms of the criminalization of sex work and the discrimination that sex workers face.

Online sex worker, Hex, like many other sex workers, uses technology to provide services to clients from the safety of her own home. Virtual sex work has been gaining popularity in recent years as a safer alternative to in-person sex work. It allows individuals to engage in sexual activities with clients through virtual reality platforms such as VRChat, without the risk of physical harm or exposure to sexually transmitted diseases.

However, despite the safety and legality of online sex work, Hex’s occupation was enough to bar her from entering the US. The US government deems anyone engaging in prostitution or related activities as ineligible for entry, regardless of whether it is legal in the country of origin or the intended destination. This policy not only affects sex workers but also their partners, family members, and anyone associated with the industry.

Decriminalization of sex work would allow sex workers safer working conditions, access to healthcare, and protection from violence and exploitation. It would also reduce the stigma associated with sex work and allow sex workers to have more rights and protections under the law.

The denial of Hex’s US visa due to her occupation as a virtual sex worker highlights the harm and discrimination that sex workers face. The criminalization of sex work only perpetuates the stigma and discrimination that sex workers face, and it is time to recognize the value of all individuals and their occupations. We need to move towards decriminalization and provide support and protections for those working in the industry.