Red Maps

Chicago, Illinois & San Francisco, California

Our Red Maps teams in Chicago, Illinois and San Francisco, California mapped out places where sex workers and stigmatized workers have long existed, exploring communities and networks informed by erotic laborers. While sex working communities are often displaced, our history cannot be erased.

Old strolls, cribs, clinics, places of community, and more are highlighted by Red Maps, and supplemented by additional archival materials and present day recollections. Bringing attention to locations that are important in sex worker history, Red Maps can be enjoyed virtually and in-person.

The Red Maps team hopes these resources will pass down the knowledge from sex worker communities of old and encourage people to find out more about relevant spots in their own neighborhoods. What spaces were safe and welcoming for sex workers to relax? Where did they hide out? What were successful places for soliciting?


Project Coordinator

Bambi is a community documentarian with sex work experience based in Huchiun, in unceded Lisjan territory. Their work centers on fostering shared consciousness and celebrating the absurdity of life. They love learning, being in green spaces and feel at home near the water. Find out more about their projects here.

Rebelle Cunt

Rebelle Cunt, founder and director of the Heaux History Project, is an indie scholar, researcher, writer, and organizer from Chicago. They are a current full service sex worker and cam model and are a former exotic dancer. Their work centers Black erotic labor and collecting the narratives/stories of community members. Their most recent narrative essay can be found in We Too: Essays on Sex Work & Survival. You can find, follow, and tip them on their Patreon.

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Paisley Parker

Paisley Parker is a multidisciplinary artist invoking several mediums in their work including dance, film, collage, visual art and poetry. Through their work they push to inspire transformation and healing of POC and black bodies through storytelling, poetry and movement in hopes of manifesting a world where queer black individuals can exist in their own skin. Paisley Parker has worked for 2 years consecutively on the curatorial team of Failed Films a DIY Erotic film festival held in Los Angeles, CA. As a former sex worker and historian, Paisley Parker has a passion for researching and telling stories from the point of view of their community. Paisley Parker currently lives in Oakland, writes sad boi poetry and loves to dance and cook for their chosen family. Paisley Parker is at @paisley__parker on Instagram.

Dahlia Snow

Dahlia is a sex worker, artist and health educator with a passion for supporting and uplifting the voices and stories of other erotic laborers and activists fighting for this and other marginalized communities – Just trying to hear all the sex workers stories, make weird art and eat all the good food!

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