COMING SOON — Using new and existing interviews, footage, spoken word, and documentary style commentary Aileen’s peers will explore why their grassroots agency serving women who trade sex on the street is named after Aileen Wuornos.

Leslie Bendjouya

Project Coordinator

Leslie B is a poet, video maker, and paradigm smasher. Leslie has toured with Sex Worker Art Show and made a video with Penny Arcade and Ariel Lighteningchild titled: on being a junkie ho in sex worker world. Leslie is a harm reduction counselor who co-founded Aileen’s, a grassroots organization by and for women who trade sex on Pac Hwy in south King County Washington.


Namita (she / her) is a 33 year old video maker, photographer, mother, and survivor. When she’s not cooking amazing Indian Fijian dishes Namita does harm reduction case management at Aileen’s and is an advocate for System Failure Alert.

Devyn C.

Devyn C. (De-Vin) is a gender-fluid (him/her pronouns) food connoisseur, social media personality, and harm reduction specialist and case manager at Aileen’s. Multiple years of experience in the sex trade both in the streets and working with ads on Craigslist etc. Aspiring actor. Advocate for anti bullying, suicide awareness and anti-harassment. Big hilarious personality, lover of animals Pitbull owner. Dreamer.

Lisa R

I am an open minded women, I have some interesting life experiences, I am a sex worker, look to help others in need, some of my hobbies include shopping and travel, I have no problem jumping on an airplane and flying across the country and I have been all around the world, I like animals and I have a pet kitten. I’m always interested in learning new things, meeting new people, and exploring opportunities that come my way.


Nickname: T~Mac
Age: 55.9
Mother of 3 “Boys” (Actually Men), I LOVE 2 EAT! I Especially LOVE DESSERTS!! I Am An Animal Lover, Right Now I’m Currently A Surrogate Cat Mommy 2 Copper & A New Cat God Mother 2 King Kitty.
PRO: Sex Workers,
Drug Use/Harm Reduction.
ANTI: Police & Systems For and Of the People That Fail
I Say I’m Like “Switzerland…”
I’m Neutral, Don’t Take Sides. I’m ALL… About Keeping The PEACE!