Old Pros Reading Recommendations

May 5, 2023

Old Pros reading recommendations for sex workers, friends, chosen family, and allies.

Unbroken Chains: The Hidden Role of Human Tr*fficking in the American Economy — This book by Melissa Hope Ditmore explores how tr*fficking very much exists beyond the s*x industry and is in fact an ingrained part of our capitalist society. It’s an eye-opening book that delves into the complex issue of human trafficking and its connection to the American economy. It challenges the common misconception that trafficking only exists in the sex industry, and instead argues that it is a widespread and deeply ingrained issue within our capitalist society.

The book examines how trafficking intersects with various industries, from agriculture to domestic work, and how it is fueled by the demand for cheap labor and goods. It also explores the ways in which government policies and economic systems enable and perpetuate trafficking, and offers solutions for addressing this systemic issue.

Overall, Old Pros believes that Unbroken Chains offers a compelling and important perspective on human trafficking, and sheds light on the urgent need for systemic change to prevent and address this pervasive issue.

For Bluesky to thrive, it needs S** Workers and Black Twitter — This TechCrunch article gives a promising look at the new social media app Bluesky, which may be the next Twitter. Marginalized communities often create the most popular and successful subcultures on social media, as we’ve seen with SW Twitter and Black Twitter. Bluesky appears to have great potential for both of these communities. Hopefully, future Bluesky moderators won’t turn around and punish us after we make the app actually interesting.