Old Pro News Trailer

Feb 2, 2022

Old Pro News: Hear what’s new in the hottest movement! Turn us on and stay tuned in.

Hosted by longtime human rights activist and former sex worker Lakeesha Harris, Old Pro News is a biweekly podcast that reports on and contextualizes current events affecting the sex worker rights movement and community.

Old Pro News covers all aspects of sex worker rights in the United States. We talk with current and former sex workers, journalists, authors, and activists who are pushing our nation towards the decriminalization of sex work. What’s the latest policy that could lead to decriminalization? What’s happening at the intersection of technology and sex work? Who are influencers in the movement?

We don’t just report on sex worker related news. We’re here to help you understand what’s really going on, giving our listeners talking points about pornography, strip clubs, prostitution, BDSM, human trafficking, whorephobia, and all other topics relating to sex work.

Every other Friday, Old Pro News brings headlines and insight to current events that affect sex workers, our communities, and everyone who supports our movement. We bring our listeners into the exciting work happening every day in the movement so that you can work with us towards positive change.

Old Pro News is produced by Old Pros where we create conditions to change the status of sex workers through the power of proximity in storytelling, media, and networks. We seek the full destigmatization and decriminalization of sex work, where it is not illegal or shameful for consenting adults to participate in the sex trade or to exchange erotic services for money.