North Hollywood Stripper Strike

Apr 8, 2022

The North Hollywood stripper strike began on March 18, 2022 when a group of current and former employees of the North Hollywood topless bar Star Garden staged a walkout. With the support of the organization Strippers United, these workers are protesting an unsafe work environment. The allegations against club management, which were presented in a petition to the owners, are focused on failure to take proper action in addressing security concerns. 

The organizers, who encouraged strikers to wear disguises like brightly colored wigs, hats, and glasses, described the 7 hour North Hollywood stripper strike as successful, saying that many customers on their way to the club either joined the protest or went home. In a statement on their Instagram, Strippers United proclaimed that, “We showed them there is no strip club without strippers, and there are no strippers without safety!” As of this publication, they have been continuously protesting for over a week with no response from the management.

Strippers Untied states on their website that:

Strippers United are a diverse and inclusive community of empowered strippers who share an uncompromised vision for our rights, our vital role in society and our dignity as professionals. We are an authoritative voice in the stripper’s rights movement. Our focus is to create a safe and equitable work environment for strippers across the u.S. We strive to advocate for the diverse community of people who call themselves strippers. And our ultimate vision is to dismantle whorephobia and decriminalize sex work. We represent all strippers regardless of race, gender, age, education, ability, citizenship status, sexual orientation and income level.