Interview with Rep. Mandie Landry, Proposing the Decriminalization of Sex Work in Louisiana

Feb 11, 2022

Representative Mandie Landry was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 2019. She is a first generation college student and was a first time candidate. Mandie has been a lawyer and advocate for others for over 15 years. She focuses on advocating for women, children, students, reproductive rights, housing, voting, and criminal justice reform. Mandie is the author of Louisiana House Bill 67, the first ever bill to propose statewide decriminalization in the United States.

“Louisiana has so many bad laws that hurt women, particularly poorer women and their families,” Mandie Landry shares on her website. “I felt that it wasn’t enough for me to simply protest. I knew that I could do more. I wanted to provide my time and skills to help fight this battle.”

“One of my colleagues’ elderly mother met me and said, ‘You’re right about (sex work). It’s nobody’s business where your money comes from!’ Women each have a different point they want to make. The men who approach me whisper, ‘Is this some woman empowerment thing?’ I’m like ‘You’re so close!’ At least they’re talking!” — Louisiana State Representative Mandie Landry, who introduced HB67, the first state wide legislation for the decriminalization of sex work in the United States, on what her constituents think of the issue.

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