Happy International Whores’ Day

Jun 2, 2023

June 2nd is an important day in history that you likely didn’t learn about in school. Since SWers are often not included in history books, sharing our stories is a big part of what we do here at Old Pros. We share and celebrate SWers from history, so that we can change the status of SWers today. Honoring International Whores’ Day is a big one for us.

On June 2, 1975, over two hundred SWers began an eight day occupation at the Church of Saint-Nizier in Lyon, France, with the full support of Father Louis Blanc. They demanded the end of fines, stigma, police harassment, and the release of ten SWers who had been imprisoned a few days earlier for soliciting. The peaceful protesters hung a banner from the Church that read, “Our children do not want their mothers in jail.” The organizing that took place on this day ignited a movement for SWer rights that continues now.

Today is a time to celebrate wh*res (because we rock), remember our history (because it matters), and continue the fight (because we can win).

Happy International Whores’ Day!

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