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Problem: The ongoing criminalization of the oldest profession has led to bad laws, policies, and shame that ruins lives. 70,000 people are arrested in the United States each year for prostitution related offenses. Millions of dollars that should be used to help people escape exploitation across labor sectors are spent surveilling, arresting, and incarcerating consensual adults. This moral panic around erotic laborers threatens the safety, health, and liberty for us all — whether you engage in this work or not.

Solution: At Old Pros we are creating the conditions to change the status of sex workers in society. We can create a healthy, free society where everyone has access to rights and opportunities to determine their own future.

This year we’ve been releasing Season 5 of The Oldest Profession Podcast, educating and inspiring tens of thousands of listeners to reclaim the proud legacy of sex workers. In 2024, we’re bringing the live show Whore’s Eye View to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and across the USA.

By creating persuasive content and compelling events, we bring people together and change people’s minds about the oldest profession. We need your support to keep doing this work.

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