Dr. Olivia Snow DoorDash Discrimination

Apr 22, 2022

Dr. Olivia Snow DoorDash discrimination allegations have come from Dr. Olivia Snow who is a college professor, tech researcher, and dominatrix, claims that DoorDash recently banned her, due to a detection of unspecified “abnormal behavior” from her account. In a screenshot Snow posted to her Twitter, DoorDash alleges that she may be in violation of their Terms of Service. The company did not charge her card for her order, but deactivated her account. 

Activists and researchers like Dr. Olivia Snow have speculated that cross platform censorship occurs through AI tracking, facial recognition, and default programming that allows downloaded apps access to all of the pictures on your phone. As more business is done online, and especially during an ongoing global pandemic where public health depends on contact-free services, it’s important that we take accusations like Dr. Olivia Snow DoorDash discrimination seriously. The nature of her profession has nothing to do with her ability to access services to order lunch!

Excerpted From: We Plead The 14th Amendment / Old Pro News

Dr. Olivia Snow’sTwitter: @MistressSnowPhD

Background: Dominatrix claims DoorDash banned her over sex work: ‘It’s dehumanizing’ / NYPost