D'Monica Leone

D’Monica Leone | Choreographer in Seattle


D’Monica Leone is a zoo of artistry at its finest. As a model, MUA, Femme presenting burlesque performer and drag queen AND as the current reigning Seattle’s Queer Monarch, they are dedicated to advocacy and amplifying voices and representation for sex workers in the black community as well as the LGBTQIA community.

From a ripe age, D’Monica holds a background in hip hop dance and improvisation in which they incorporate Jazz, African, and modern day techniques within her own choreography as a draglesque entertainer. They’ve appeared in assisted choreographed group numbers for FRESH and On The Boards and also has extended choreography assistance within the burlesque and drag community individually and in group settings.

This Shape Shifting Shimmy Goddess is knocking down EVERY barrier one twerk at a time.

Photo credit: Image 2 Stuart Proofntheplay Scott