The Impact of Criminalizing Undocumented Sex Workers

Apr 22, 2022

On the topic of criminalizing undocumented sex workers, Old Pro News writer and host, Lakeesha Harris, welcomes Geo, an activist from Sex Workers Against Criminalization New Orleans, who shares her story of being an undocumented sex worker in the United States. 

Lakeesha Harris met Geo when she put out a call for sex workers based in the state of Louisiana to work on the Deep South Decrim campaign. Geo’s first question was, “Is this space safe for undocumented sex workers?” The emphatic answer was, “Yes, and we will protect you at all costs.” However, during the testimony at the Louisiana State Capital, Geo was not allowed to testify on the impacts of criminalizing undocumented sex workers. One year after that event, Geo joins us on Old Pro News to have her say.

Excerpted From: We Plead The 14th Amendment Old Pro News

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Download: Interactive toolkit to learn more about how you can support the sex worker rights and decriminialization movement and to support sex workers in Louisiana.