“Crimes Against Nature by Solicitation” or CANS Law

Feb 17, 2023

Louisiana is home to a bizarre law called CANS that criminalizes oral and anal sex, but not vaginal sex. This homophobic and transphobic law is known as “Crimes Against Nature by Solicitation”. The law is truly mind-boggling and it’s surprising it still exists. It’s also a reminder that sex work is still illegal in many parts of the US. In a recent documentary called CANS Can’t Stand, filmmakers Matt Nadel and Megan Plotka explore the history of the law and its current status. The film is a must-watch for anyone interested in the fight for sex workers’ rights.

The law has a devastating impact on sex workers in Louisiana, who face the threat of arrest and prosecution for performing acts that are perfectly legal in other states. Not only that, but the law also puts sex workers at risk of violence by pushing them into unsafe and unregulated areas. By criminalizing sex work, the state is effectively pushing it underground, where it can’t be regulated or monitored.

The documentary sheds light on the efforts of activists who are fighting to repeal CANS and decriminalize sex work. It features interviews with sex workers, lawyers, and activists who are leading the charge for change. The film shows how sex workers are organizing to demand their rights, and how they are building alliances with other marginalized communities.

One of the most striking aspects of the documentary is the emotional toll that CANS takes on sex workers. In addition to facing the constant threat of arrest and violence, sex workers are often stigmatized and shamed by society. The film highlights the need for emotional support and resources for sex workers, as well as the importance of treating sex work as a legitimate profession.

While the fight for sex workers’ rights in Louisiana is far from over, the documentary is a hopeful sign that change is possible. By raising awareness about the impact of CANS and the need for decriminalization, activists are building a movement that could transform the lives of sex workers in Louisiana and beyond.

In conclusion, the existence of laws like CANS is a clear reminder that sex work is still highly stigmatized and criminalized in many parts of the US. The documentary CANS Can’t Stand highlights the struggle of sex workers in Louisiana, and the urgent need for decriminalization and legal protection. The film is a powerful reminder that sex work is real work, and that sex workers deserve the same rights and protections as any other worker.