COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics)

May 6, 2022

Today we want to give props to a grassroots organization with one of the all-time greatest acronyms: C-O-Y-O-T-E, or Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics. Considered the very first sex workers’ rights group in the United States, COYOTE San Francisco was founded by the legendary Margo St. James in 1973 to work for the repeal of prostitution laws and an end to the stigma associated with sex work.

The Rhode Island chapter of COYOTE is now actively fighting for decriminalization policies in their state. Other current projects include providing a $100 clothing stipend for incarcerated workers, a support group for disabled workers, and producing research reports, know your rights seminars, and a storytelling podcast.

From COYOTE RI’s (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) website:

We are a group of sex workers, former sex workers, trafficking victims and allies that are advocating for policies that promote the health and safety of people involved in the sex industry.

Indoor sex work was decriminalized in Rhode Island in 1979 due to Margo St.James filing a class action suit to challenge the state’s prostitution laws and the case was dismissed after a federal judge revised Rhode Island prostitution laws.

In 2009, Rhode Island criminalized all prostitution. In response, we called back into action the Rhode Island Chapter of Coyote (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics).

Excerpted From: Taxation Without Representation – with Tamika Spellman / Old Pro News

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