Alexandra Hunt is a Former Stripper who is Running for Congress

Feb 25, 2022

To start, let’s get hyped about Congressional candidate Alexandra Hunt’s campaign to represent Pennsylvania’s 3rd district! Alexandra Hunt is vocal about her background as a stripper — and, she has also been a data manager at a bio-pharmaceutical company, a public health researcher, and a soccer coach.

She’s not the first former sex worker to run for U.S. office, but she’s running a savvy campaign that we’ve got our eyes on. Alexandra Hunt has made repealing FOSTA-SESTA, getting sex workers out of prisons, and preventing discrimination from financial institutions priorities in her campaign.

Alexandra Hunt’s official website sells shirts reading “I may have danced for money but I’m no corporate whore” and “Elect Hoes” — bold messaging that breaks down the patriarchy and calls out respectability politics. Her opponent is incumbent Representative Dwight Evans, Democrat, who has served in the House since 2016.

Excerpted From: EARN IT V. Sex Worker Safety / Old Pro News

Background: I’m A Former Stripper Running For Congress. I Refuse To Be Ashamed. / HuffPost

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