Advocates in Vermont Make A Push for the State to Decriminalize SW!

Mar 24, 2023

Advocates in Vermont are making a push to decriminalize sex work. Senator Becca White and Representative Taylor Small joined advocates in Montpelier to show their support for a bill that would decriminalize sex work in the state of Vermont. This move would give sex workers more agency and control over their work and help combat the stigma and discrimination that they face.

Currently, sex work is illegal in most states, and those involved in the industry often face criminal charges, fines, and other penalties. This criminalization of sex work can lead to further marginalization and exploitation of sex workers, as they are forced to operate in unsafe and unregulated environments.

Decriminalizing sex work would remove the criminal penalties associated with it, and instead, treat it as any other form of work. This would help provide sex workers with access to labor protections, health care, and legal recourse if needed. It would also help ensure that sex work is conducted safely and ethically, with regulations in place to prevent exploitation and trafficking.

Advocates in Vermont’s push to decriminalize sex work in Vermont is an exciting step forward for the industry and those involved. By decriminalizing sex work, we can help combat the stigma and discrimination that sex workers face, and provide them with access to labor protections and legal recourse if needed. However, it is important to recognize that decriminalization alone cannot solve all the issues within the industry, and that any decision about sex work should be made in consultation with sex workers themselves.