Adra Boo

Adra Boo | Songwriter & Singer in Seattle

Seattle soul singer, emcee, teacher, Rain City Rock Camp Ladies Rock Camp Director, “Westminster Daddy” and auntie, Adra Boo, walks through walls. While some in the age look to construct boxes for others, Boo flouts these efforts, working to inspire through interconnectivity, sacrifice and, of course, a touch of sweetness. Adra performs as part of new wave noir band Hotels, SimonePin Productions and Dark Diamonds Burlesque, indie-soul duo Fly Moon Royalty, and as a solo artist, sharing stages with internationally known musicians and burlesque performers across the country.

A veteran performer on myriad stages, Boo has been compared to timeless musicians like Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, unafraid to ruffle feathers or rouse would-be audiences. And while all of these efforts cause her to stand out in the city, it’s her work as an artistic liaison that has made her a local legend.

Adra’s connection to sex work involves growing up sex-worker adjacent as a kid, probably seeing and knowing way too much about “adult matters”, and as an adult, having deep connections to those in the local sex-work scene. Let’s just say… she’s dabbled in some things, but frankly, that’s Auntie’s business!

“As a songwriter, I love to tell a story, and knowing that there’s such a story around the folx that built cities and continue to uplift using our bodies, being given the opportunity to write something powerful for this project was a right-on-time gift and a pleasure!” — Adra Boo

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