8Lives Vigil & Massage License Decriminalization Act

Mar 11, 2022

On March 16, 2022, Asian-American activists and community members will gather in New York City to memorialize the 8 people murdered one year ago in the Atlanta, Georgia spa shootings. The gunman, who has since been sentenced to life in prison, specifically targeted massage parlors where most of the workers were Asian, and claimed he was motivated by, “eliminating temptation” to his “sex addiction.” 

The vigil will be held in person at Manhattan’s Washington Square Park, and will also be live streamed online. The event is being produced in part by Red Canary Song, a grassroots organization that serves migrant and Asian massage workers. Red Canary Song is also part of a coalition that introduced an important new piece of legislation in New York last month. 

The Massage License Decriminalization Act (A8281) will remove criminal penalties for those who practice unlicensed massage, and will also prevent law enforcement from seizing the property of massage workers, including cash. Check out Red Canary Song for more information about this bill and how the movement continues to support this particularly vulnerable part of our community, and honor the lives lost to stigma and hate.